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Gly Basic

This training is designed for fresh graduates that will like to enhance their employability by getting acquainted with industry expectations in terms of basic technical knowhow and industry standards and practices. More so for young professionals that will like to sustain relevance by increasing their competency level.

Class size: 10-25
Duration: 4 days
Subsidy: Highly subsidized Location: Our training center
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Gly Premium

This training is designed for young professionals and expects who want the basic knowledge of other disciplines e.g. a static modeller may want to have basic knowledge of how petrophysical properties are generated as this will help quality-check the parameters that will go into his model.

Class size: 1
Duration: 5 days
Subsidy: Slightly subsidized
Location: Our training center or client-selected-location.
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Gly Platinum

This training is designed for oil and gas companies that want to give their staff professional training on definitive interpretation modules for the purpose of sustaining operational excellence. It is tailored towards competency development and quality assurance.

Class size: 1-4
Duration: 5 days
Discount: volume discount available for > 4 participants Location: Our training center or client’s office.
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We have within our skill-pool experienced geoscientists who have worked on a variety of exploration and production projects of the Niger-Delta formation and United Kingdom North Sea This means we train from experience!