Our Team

Samuel Ojo - Managing Director / Lead Petrophysicist

Samuel Ojo is a specialist in the petrophysical properties of reservoir rocks with many years of dynamic experience both in experimental and log based analysis. He is a fully trained Log Analyst with extended experience in the integration of log with pressure and core data (Repeated Formation Tester, Routine Core Analysis, Special core Analysis, Scanning Electron Microscopy Nuclear Magnetic Resonance etc.).He has worked on a number of Niger Delta onshore and offshore oil fields, producing quality petrophysical properties needed for geological modeling and dynamic simulation. Through cutting-edge research, he has solved petrophysical challenges associated with many problematic reservoirs by building cost effective petrophysical models (especially for permeability predictions). As a consultant to a number of oil service companies, he has served as a Petrophysics team lead in not less than nine (9) integrated field studies projects between 2013 and 2018.

Besides being a onetime guest speaker at London Petrophysical Society, he has also recently carried out an independent petrophysical evaluation of a number of tight gas sandstone wells in a joint industry project (JIP) by British Petroleum and six (6) other oil and gas companies represented in United Kingdom. His specific wealth of experience covers, but  not limited to gathering, depth matching, splicing, analyzing and evaluating logs, pressure, and core data using different types of computerized evaluation packages to estimate petrophysical parameters. He constantly seeks challenging opportunities in order to make meaningful contributions towards optimizing oil production. He received a BSc degree in Physics from University of Lagos and MSc Physics (Geophysics) from same University. He attended University of Leeds, England between 2016 and 2017 for a Miscellaneous Postgraduate Research Study with a focus on Integrated Petrophysics. He currently holds an academic accolade for graduating with the highest ever CGPA (4.88) in the Department of Physics (Masters Level). He is an expert in the use of Geolog software (version 671p30), Interactive Petrophysics (version 4.2) and Schlumberger Techlog. He is also a brilliant coach who has trained and mentored not less than 30 young geoscientists in recent years and yet keeps pursuing his noble call, which is to raise a generation of purpose-driven intellectuals with the fear of God. He believes that early exposure to industry practices is a fundamental requirement to a consistently stable economy.

Taiwo Afuye - Lead Geologist

Taiwo Afuye is a Petroleum Geoscientist/Geomodeler with years of practical experience in Energy Exploration and Development. He has worked on projects from exploration to development phase of onshore to deep offshore oil fields in the Niger Delta Basin, Nigeria, Liberian Basin, Louisiana Basin in the Gulf of Mexico, United States and Penobscot Basin, Canada. Few amongst the companies he has worked for as a consultant includes Nigerian Agip Oil Company, Asharami Energy (Sahara Group), Conoil Producing Limited and Halliburton Consulting and Project Management. He has to his credit the Imperial Barrel Award (IBA), Africa Region by the American Association of Petroleum Geologist in 2012. He consistently brings on board his strong analytical and problem solving geosciences skills to increase indigenous technical capacity through knowledge sharing. He received a BSc degree in Geology from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and MSc Petroleum Geology from University of Ibadan.

Daniel Afekume - Lead Geophysicist

Daniel Afekume is a result-driven Geoscientist who is a good fit for our organization where his potentials and skills can be harnessed to help meet the world’s energy needs sustainably. He is skilled in using multidisciplinary subsurface data, concepts and workflows to support integrated teams that provide technical solutions for business-impacting projects. The has previously worked for are Shell Petroleum Development Company and Energy and Mineral Resources Limited located in Rivers and Lagos state respectively. He received a BSc degree in Geology from University of Benin and a Master’s degree from Centre of Excellence in Geosciences and Petroleum Engineering, University of Benin. He also obtained second masters from the Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Heriot- Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Dr.Oghenewvogaga Oghorada – Engineering Science Expert

Oghorada is an innovative science engineering expert with experience in providing analytical software and hardware design solutions for power systems, power electronics devices, drives and machine. His goal is to acquire and transfer technical expertise that will improve local content development. His research orientation includes but not limited to Power Converter Control and Applications (Conventional, Multilevel and Modular Multilevel), Power Network Analysis, STATCOM for Reactive Power Compensation, Active Power Filtering, LCC-HVDC and VSC-HVDC. For the Glypetro team, he provides engineering results using a first principles approach. The first class engineering graduate of Igbinedion University also has to his credit, several academic awards including the Vice Chancellors Award for the overall best graduating student–Igbinedion University, Okada 2009.He obtained a BEng. (Hons) degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Igbinedion University, MSc (Distinction) and PhD in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from University of Leeds, United Kingdom.

Solomon Olowe- Human Resource Manager

Olowe Solomon is a versatile administrator who manages the talents for the Glypetro team and also assist in making employment decisions. He received a BSc. Degree in Employment and Human Resource Management from the University of Lagos.