Divisions and Services


GlyTrain is the training division of GDL with an unconcealed commitment to a course of bridging the gap between university education and the industry technical requirements. We achieve this through industry-based training in order to enhance the employability outlook of trainees, which is one of the result path ways to becoming self-reliant. Our trainings are fit-for-purpose practical classes and we are a promoter of the local content act. Our training modules are classified into four disciplines namely Petrophysics, Geology, Geophysics, and Reservoir Engineering.


GlyResh is the research division of GDL. Her vision is to be a top-notch expert in demystifying problematic reservoirs through revolutionary research. We are equipped with result-oriented researchers with up-to-date academic and industry exposure to provide empirical research services to oil and gas exploration and production companies on the petrophysics of clastic and carbonate rocks in general. What drives our team is the instinct for new discoveries beyond the routine computer processing of log and seismic information. We have an excellent relationship with experimental laboratory agencies with state of the art facilities both within and outside Nigeria. GDL engages in collaborative research with M.Sc. & PhD. candidates whose research interest falls within clastic reservoir characterization.


GlyCon is the geoscience consultancy division of GDL. We give professional support to oil producing and service companies who need an expert input into some technical areas of an integrated field studies project. This could be achieved by outsourcing a fraction of the project to us while we return detailed results to them after we have engaged our experts in doing justice to the job.

We also render peer group review services to client companies who want to engage our group of experts in a peer group review in order to validate the results of an integrated field studies projects. These services are requested by companies who cannot afford to lose their reputation to a mere oversight. They leverage on collaborative review with our company to dot the ‘I’s and cross the ‘T’s.

Industry Oriented Science Academy (IOSA)

In an effort to actively support the realization of the Local Content Policy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Glypetro established IOSA (an industry-based tuition scheme) to enable young people have early exposure to industry practices and standards. The two products of the scheme are; Petroleum Science Academy (PSA) and Creative Science Academy (CSA).This scheme is envisioned to achieve its objectives through partnership with established secondary schools in Nigeria.

Petroleum Science Academy (PSA)

PSA was designed to empower young people that will partake in the exploration and quantification of Nigerian crude oil and gas resources. This early exposure to exploration and production techniques is vital element that will lead to simultaneous optimization of economic growth and stability. This is also an excellent platform to discover Nigeria’s child prodigies who will produce meaningful output in the oil and gas domain to the level of an adult expert performer.

Creative Science Academy (CSA)

CSA was designed to help stretch the intellectual capabilities of secondary school students through practical and inventive electronic science sessions. The principal essence of the creative science initiative is to ignite the imaginative spirit in young people through practical knowledge acquisition from the first principle. We offer professional trainings on definitive creative science projects based on a specific curriculum and the respective school’s demand. Listed below are some of our home-useful and school-useful projects in which we provide practical training services: Dark detector, Radio wave automatic switching system, Audio amplifier, Water gauge, Smoke sensor, Metal detector, Touch alarm, Melody alarm, Nine volt phone charger, Siren alarm, Automatic intruder alarm, Change of period alarm system.