About Us

We are a training, research and consultancy institute

Gly Division

Glypetro Development Limited is made up of four divisions namely; Training Unit (GlyTrain), Petroleum Geosciences and Engineering Consultancy Unit (GlyCon), Petrophysical based Research Unit (GlyResh) and Industry Oriented Science Academy (IOSA)

Gly Vision

To be the leading geoscience training and research institute in the West Africa sub-region that presents fully trained personnel with capacity to directly fit into technical positions in the oil and gas industry, and to be top-notch experts in demystifying problematic reservoirs through petrophysical research.

Gly Mision

Our mission is to bridge the gap between university education and the industry technical requirement through competency development training and cutting-edge research.

Gly Drive

To see the full realization of the provisions of the local content act through domestication of state-of-the-art technology and increase in the number of indigenous experts.

Gly Niche

We don’t just train; we guide our candidates through the journey to fulfillment in their chosen career by enhancing their chances of getting employed and sustaining relevance at workplace.

Be A Pro

We give professional training on definitive interpretation modules to companies based on their present challenges or needs. This training is tailored towards competency development and quality assurance.

Assurance To Individuals

Our training yields a (10+X):1 benefit-to-cost ratio where X is a variable that depends on you. The competency enhancement sessions ensure you are fully prepared to launch into an on-demand career. We build on what people can and want to do. Our aim is to facilitate growth by unleashing potential and energy in individuals.